Guardians of the Coast

The Story So Far...

How four adventurers became heroes of Phandalin.

It was the first tenday of Eleint, Year of Dwarvenkind Reborn (1488DR) when a band of adventurers set out from the City of Neverwinter on a wagon escort mission to the mining town of Phandalin. Johus Stonefister, a dwarven cleric of the North, was accompanied by the elven wizard Navarra, Lei, an Eldritch Knight of old Neverwinter nobility and Delvin Enderman, a ranger from Neverwinter Wood. Johus had word from his cousin Gundren Rockseeker that the lost mine of Phandelver’s Pact had been rediscovered by himself and his brothers. The group was to meet with Gundren at Phandalin along with the wagon of goods bound for the local provisions shop.

The group soon discovered Gundren had been taken prisoner by a band of goblinoids known as the Cragmaw Tribe. The Cragmaws were in secret league with a gang of cutthroats who controlled Phandalin and called themselves the Redbrands. Through their bold heroics The Guardians of Phandalin, as the group would at times call themselves, executed a series of missions and successfully cast down the Redbrand organization and decimatted the Cragmaws. They soon learned not all was as it seemed.

The Redbrands had been founded by a renegade member of the Lords Alliance named Iarno. He was a confidant of a Drow mage known as The Black Spider, who had conquered the Cragmaws some months previous and was behind their raids. Indeed, the spider was the very same villain who had arranged the capture of Gundren and his brothers and was leading his own expedition into the lost mine during the whole ordeal. With the guidance of a rescued Gundren the group journeyed to the mine and not only slew the foul Drow and his minions but lifted an ancient curse that caused the mines original inhabitants to wander as undead monstrosities.

Although it has been hardly more than a month since the group of adventures set out, they have already established for themselves an everlasting legacy amongst the people of Phandalin. Even so, our band of heroes have their eyes set on greater quests. The threat of the green dragon. Venomfang looms on the horizon, and the group has no intention of allowing her eggs to hatch…

It is here we find our noble band of heroes, rallying the townsfolk to assist in their mission. What adventures will they find waiting for them, and will they slay the dragon? Only time will tell what danger, and rewards, await The Guardians of the Coast!!


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