Assorted Townsfolk

Other peoples of Phandalin.


Harbin Wester
A middle aged, heavyset man who secured his potiition as Townmaster of Phandalin through bribery and empty promises, and maintained it through appeasing the Redbrands during their reign of fear.

Toblen and Trilena Stonehill
Natives of Triboar who moved to Phandalin a decade ago as prospectors, the Stonehills never struck gold but did find good fortune opening an Inn. The Stonehill Inn is considered the better of the two in town, and it’s spacious tap room is the community center of all decent folk.

Frequent visitors to the Inn, and good sources of rumours, include Narth the farmer, Elsa the gossipy barmaid, Freda the weaver and Pip, the Innskeeper’s son.

Elmar Barthen
An old man who runs Barthen’s provisions, a general store.

Linene Bluewind
Operator of Lionshield Coster, a reputable weaponsmith.

Qelline Alderleaf
Middle aged farmer woman halfling whose son assisted the group in sneaking into the Redbrand’s hideout.

Mirna Dendrar
An older woman from Thundertree with a daughter who were held prisoner by the Redbrands after her husband was killed. They were saved by the PCs and now work for them.


Assorted Townsfolk

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