Regulus "Reggie" Fisher

Young human Bard and companion to the group.


Reggie is helpful and eager to prove himself to the group after they saved his life. His magical talents are augmented by the gift of bardic music. He is able to provide backup healing and general utility spells and is a moderate fighter on his own accord. He is also skilled at turning local npcs to the groups favour and providing obscure lore or rumours.


Born to poor fisherfolk on the isle of Norland, Reggie’s instinctive magical talents made him and his family believe he was destined to be a great mage. He scraped together all the money he could and bought passage to the Sword Coast. He failed from magic university to university, mentor to mentor. The truth was while was a very talented bard, he lacked the versatility, determination and strength of will as the Wizards he sought a place with. Desperate for validation, he joined a cabal of warlocks and sorcerers with a bad reputation. When he learned they were but catspaws to the infamous Cult of the Dragon he made to abandon them, but not before authorities in Waterdeep arrested him on suspicion of several crimes committed by the cult. It was only through happenstance that the Mad Sphinx of Neverwinter Wood captured Reggie and the guard he was being taken by, leading to his rescue by the Guardians of the Coast. Now he is their loyal companion, there to offer the magic support to the best of his ability and to spread their fame by the tune of his lute to every inn and winesink.

Regulus "Reggie" Fisher

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